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FIFA World Cup

July 18, 2014

Here is a link to the complete FIFA World Cup table.

FIFA World Cup

I have collated every result from the first championships in 1930 until the most recent tournament in 2014 and put them into the table using the following formula:


where: x=number of points, a=number of World Cups qualified for, b=number of World Cup titles, c=number of times runners-up, d=number of times third place, e=number of times fourth times, f=number of match wins at the World Cup, g=number of matches drawn at the World Cup, h=number of qualifying matches won, i=number of qualifying matches drawn and j=the number of goals scored at the World Cup rounded down to nearest whole number.

I consulted the following sources when compiling the document: (and related article eg Sweden 1958) (and related articles eg-1930 FIFA World Cup ect)

You are free to use the spreadsheet for non-commercial purposes so long as you state the source ie- Stephen Bark,

I hope to publish an analysis in the near future


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  1. Sounds like an interesting project!

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